Reset your lifestyle to feel your best.


I am passionate about health and inspiring women to feel comfortable in their own skin by teaching 
you the tools and techniques to quiet the negative chatter in your head, break free from dieting, learn how to nourish your body with nutrient dense food, implement intermittent fasting, learn about the power of meditation and essential oils - and much more. 

I make living a healthier lifestyle fun, realistic (I'm a mum too!) and liberating.

How I can help you

Do you toss and turn all night because you can't sleep?
Find you can't do up your jeans because your stomach is bloated?
Need to drink coffee first thing in the morning because although you've slept you wake up bleary eyed?
Find yourself yo-yoing between diet choices desperate to find something that works?
Notice that your skin isn't as bright and clear as it once was?
Find yourself reaching for chocolate or fizzy drinks in the afternoon because you're low on energy.
I completely understand, 
at one time or another 
have felt all those things and 
have found solutions
Are you READy to 
upgrade your lifestyle?
feel comfortable in 
your body? 
Be In charge of your life? Then I have tangible tools to help you! 
In One- One health coaching sessions with me, we will address your top health concerns and I will create a Holistic Wellness Plan for you involving any or all of these elements:

If you're thinking of taking your health and wellness to the next level and you want to discover the next steps to making a positive change click here to set up your free discovery call with me;

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"When you have your Health you have a thousand dreams, when you don't have your health you only have one"

- Unknown

essential oils 
Miranda is like an oasis of calm that descends on your home and envelopes you in stillness and relaxation. She is a wonderful teacher and friend who never fails to leave you feeling better inside and out.”
Sarah, busy mum, London

Miranda was the inspiration for me to become a yoga teacher, leave my corporate life and finally start the business I had kept in my dreams. We recently got back together as she is educating me in the healing art of essential oils. Her love, compassion, energy and support is second to none. I feel very grateful to have her in my life.
Abi, yoga teacher, London

Miranda is a knowledgeable practitioner. Her lifestyle and ethos is grounded on the power of essential oils. Her complete sincerity and dedication to helping others is truly admirable. She is such a lovely lady, very special!  
Diane, school teacher, Oxfordshire

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Healthy Chocolate Recipes?!


"An extraordinary life is all about daily, continuous improvements in the areas that matter most."

- Robin Sharma