What do you need help with?
Digestion? Sleep? A racing mind? Sore muscles? Headaches? Low mood? Energy crashes? Constant colds? A husband who snores? Kids who won’t go to sleep?

All of the above? OK I got ya! 
What can 
dōTERRA Essential Oils
 do for you? 

Well what do you need help with? Digestion? Sleep? A racing mind? Sore muscles? Headaches? Low mood? Energy crashes? Constant colds? A husband who snores? Kids who won’t go to sleep?
All of the above?! OK I got ya! 
The best place to start is with one of the beginners kit which include the top ten essential oils that I believe every household would benefit from having (Watch the video below - which oils are right for me -to see the different kit options)

πŸ’œ Lavender - amazing for the skin, for sleep & anxiety
πŸ‹ Lemon - detoxifying & cellular health
πŸ’™ Peppermint - digestive health, fevers & headaches
πŸ’š Melaleuca (Tea Tree) - skin cleansing, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial
πŸƒ Oregano - powerful immune support
πŸ‘‘ Frankincense - The King of Oils - anti-inflammatory & immune boosting, a powerful support for the brain, cellular health & for the skin
πŸ’‚πŸ» On Guard - The Protective Blend - designed to kill airborne bacteria when used in the diffuser & to support our immune system when used topically or internally (please do not take any old brand of essential oils internally; it would be very dangerous)
🌬 Breathe - The Respiratory Blend - think colds, coughs, asthma, snoring!
🌊 Deep Blue - The Soothing Blend - for migraines, arthritis, muscle & ligament pain (this one can never be taken internally!)
🍽 ZenGest - The Digestive Blend - for all digestive conditions
So what have essential oils done for me? 
They are literally in my day from the start to the end. 
They set the tone of the day by helping me to be more alert or more grounded, they form part of my skin routine, they are in the diffuser for focus or immune boosting, they help me to relax when I need. 
Whether I'm sipping them in my water to gently aid detoxification or applying frankincense on my face for it’s anti-aging benefits or inhaling a calming blend when I want to shout at the kids, whether I’ve added a drop to some raw chocolates or rubbed the digestive blend on my little ones tummy, they are ever present in my days. 

If you’ve been following me on social media or checking out my website you have by now heard the word doTERRA 
 (which translates as gift of the earth, in case you don't speak latin!)
Who the what and the where??? 
doTERRA is a brand that I have chosen to align with, both professionally and enthusiastically as a consumer, as they have exceptional products that I believe can change the way you do healthcare within your home. As you may have gathered by now …  I am passionate about health and your advocate for wellness so when I find a product that ticks all the boxes I want to shout about from the rooftops. I am so proud to promote, recommend and stand hand in hand with doTERRA, 
a company truly interested in creating good in the world.  
You might already be familiar with essential oils? Perhaps you’ve dabbled with some lavender for sleep, tea tree for a spot or peppermint for digestion. Has it worked? Because here’s the key doTERRA go to outstanding lengths to ensure to achieve the purest, safest, highest quality and most effective essential oils on the planet and therefore they DO work. 
And did you know that lavender is also great for a burn, that tea tree can be used as a natural antiseptic for a cut or graze and that peppermint can also help get rid of a headache plus SO much more!  
Because I didn’t ! 
And that is my WHY, because if I (who already practiced a lot of natural health) didn’t know about these miraculous oils which can help with so much then there have got to be others in the dark too….. And I can help!
Order your kit today from the store and get immediate access to my Essential Oil Facebook group (which is a really friendly community of other doTERRA oil users and where I speak about what oils I'm using that week and why, plus lots of other resources), a FREE wellness consultation to set up your daily oils routine, a FREE app (which allows you to search for an ailment and be given guidance on what oils to use) and my welcome package (which includes a rollerball for you to make your own blend, an essential oils A-Z book, a 5 ML bottle of wild orange and a doTERRA shampoo & conditioner sample).

So what is an essential oil

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