"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured,
and endure what cannot be cured" 
- B.K.S Lyengar
I have been a yoga teacher since I left university in 2005. 

Yoga found me when I was 16, a difficult age for everyone including me! It’s no exaggeration, although certainly a little cheesy, to say that yoga changed my life. Softly, gently yoga unpeeled the layers so that I began to feel more comfortable in my own skin and shifted my perspective so that I stopped obsessing about the crap that I mistakenly believed to be important. 

I love yoga, it’s a part of me and my everyday. But the principles of yoga can be applied to any form of movement.

Movement helps our emotional state to change. Emotions need to move through us and be released otherwise they get stuck in the body and create disease and tension.  

When we stretch and strengthen our body, when we feel some discomfort and push out of our comfort zone it teaches us that we can go beyond the mind. We can influence our mood, our emotions our perspective as when our body changes; so does our mind.

one-one yoga online

£75 for one hour 

group yoga online

Create a small group and share the price of the class £75 total, Divided by participants

one-one yoga online

10 class package 

£650 (£65 per class) to use as and when you like, depending on your goalsBUY NOW

I have created these short videos for you to experience a little of what yoga has to teach us.
Latest video here; 

‘Yoga is the most underestimated form of healing’ 
- Deepak Chopra