A 7 day online programme to support your kids physically & emotionally to feel their healthiest.

The programme offers guidance for all ages from babies to teens. 

starts 11th october 2021 

would you love your kids to be emotionally & Physically Healthy? 

To eat well, sleep well, have a strong immune system, feel calm & Grounded? 


Join our 7 day online-programme to focus on the main pillars of health and dive into how to integrate them to benefit children, combining education with practical tips and simple DIYs. 

Throughout the week, we'll not only share theory with you, but in real time we will  also show you step-by-step really easy, natural and practical ways to use essential oils to make changes in your home that will have a big impact on your children's health and happiness, as well as yours! (You will receive a sample package of essential oils to use for the programme.)

(nothing changes, if nothing changes) keep reading! 
What we cover:
  • Nutrition & gut health 
  • Sleep: night time rituals for quality sleep
  • Immune support: keeping the family resilient 
  • Emotional wellbeing: for kids & parents
  • Focus/study/homework: using essential oils to make this easier 
  • Common health hacks & solutions for kids that come up (e.g. earaches)
  • Extra age specific advice: for the teen years and for babies 

"Fab info thank you, been looking for this kind of info for ages!"


  • Access to the online community, programme and content from 11th October. 
  • Access to the coaches running the group during the live week from 11th October... ask all the questions you want! 
  • Live Q&A at the end of the week (17th October)
  • A collection of essential oils posted to you, so you can follow along with the daily challenges and start using these tools in your home immediately. 
  • Access to a private facebook community of (mainly mums) seeking a healthy lifestyle after the programme finishes. 
  • Oh and there are PRIZES for participation! 
"A great programme to build knowledge & confidence in using oils, with freedom to ask questions along the way & share ideas with other oil users. There’s a real sense of community! My favourite bits included the link between oils & emotions (for us as parents as well as our children) & the bit about eating healthily & feeding our children healthy options. Many thanks for a great programme! I feel so much more confident moving forward using my oils & expanding my collection." 
— past essentials for healthy kids course participant 
The Programme is run by a collaborative group of mums with expertise in different areas. 
MIRANDA (that's me!) If you haven't met me before I am a holistic health coach, yoga teacher & mum to two girls (ages 4 & 8). I'm a working mum so I love to find things that are quick and effective that help my girls to be well and healthy. I get that life is busy, and whilst health is a top priority of mine, I don't think it needs to be complicated. 
GUS is a nutritional therapist and natural health educator.  A mum to two boys 9 & 12. 

We will hold your hand, cheer you on and support you to make the changes that you came to make. 


"Fantastic opportunity to learn more in a like minded and supportive community. I’ve loved building on my essential oil knowledge but particularly learning additional ways of supporting my kids physically and emotionally. Thank you"

If you have a doTERRA account already (with me) please join the programme here 
(as you are welcome to join free of charge.)
 I know the pressure of being a mum. Basically you never feel like you have enough time.  And even with the best intentions convenience often wins. 

The good news, is that there are small tangible practical steps that we can take to help our kids - which aren't overly time consuming! 

As with all things in life, we get what we put in.

Setting our kids up with tools that will support them (and us), establishing small amounts of time for rituals that ground them and help them feel safe and understanding how to nourish their little bodies is time well spent.

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” CS Lewis 
I hope you will join us in our course and take steps (however small) to make your home a happier, healthier place to be.

I look forward to meeting you, Miranda xx