Is it safe to use DOTERRA essential oils during pregnancy?
YES! It’s safe to use doTERRA essential oils during pregnancy and they can help relieve so many common ailments that women can experience during pregnancy. From morning sickness, heartburn, back ache, difficulty sleeping to using oils during labour and postpartum. There are some safety guidelines to be aware of. Learn more by reading through this blog or watching this great video. I can also send you a super informative e-book written by a midwife once you've purchased your oils. . Feel free to set up a free 20 minute consultation with me to advise you based on your needs.
Is it safe to use DOTERRA essential oils on my baby and kids?
YES! It is safe to use doTERRA essential oils on your baby and children and they can help relieve so many early childhood ailments like teething, digestive discomfort, growing pains, difficulty sleeping, emotions. I began using doTERRA essential oils when my girls were 4 months old and 4 years old and they have grown up using them as their natural medicine cabinet. You can also make your own brilliant, all natural baby products like nappy cream or use doTERRA’s non-toxic baby line. Read through this informative blog post to understand the ways to use doTERRA essential oils safely for babies and little ones. You can also join our next online ‘Happy Mum’s Healthy Kids Online Workshop’ or book a free 20 minute consultation with me to advise you based on your needs. 

Is it safe to use DOTERRA essential oils around my pets?
YES! It is safe to use doTERRA essential oils around your pets. There are some safety guidelines to remember such as always keeping the room well ventilated (for example keeping a door to another room open) so your animal can move away from the aroma if he/she chooses to. You can also use some oils topically on your pets to help ease certain ailments. You will learn much more by reading through the below blogs or listening to these podcasts. 
What’s the most cost effective way to order my DOTERRA oils?
If you are new to doTERRA the most cost effective way to purchase your oils is to buy a beginners kit which you can find in my store here. If you haven’t attended an introductory class or you’d like a recap on the top ten oils you can watch a recent class here
 Any of the beginner kits give you a doTERRA wholesale account and access to purchasing any of doTERRA’s products at 25% off for a year. If you are not ready to commit to a kit you can buy a membership (£24) and select which oils you would like to add to your order. You can send me an e-mail to organise this for you. Once you are a customer you can order as and when you like, there is no pressure to ever buy anything again. However, most customer’s love their oils and want to try other essential oils, supplements such as probiotics and vitamins and household products such as skin care and toothpaste. For customers wishing to place a monthly order and earn points which they can put toward future purchases as well as receive the free oil of the month, then the loyalty rewards programme is the most cost effective way of purchasing. You can learn more about what the loyalty rewards programme is here
What are the benefits of having a doTERRA account with you?
First of all you should know that if you chose to purchase oils from me you are doing more than buy essential oils, you are choosing a lifestyle. You are saying that you want to learn how to take better care of yourself, that you want to support your amazing body and that you want to make time for self-care and other nourishing behaviours. Maybe you’re brand new to this, perhaps you’re already on your journey. Wherever you are I’m here to help and support you. I know the magic contained in these bottles, but I also know that if you don’t use your oils they can’t help you! I know that it can be overwhelming when you first start to use essential oils and so I support you to learn and understand exactly how to use your oils. I do this firstly via a free wellness consultation with me once your oils have arrived and secondly by inviting you to join oil camp, which is a completely free programme for our customers. I also have teamed with other doTERRA sisters to form a dedicated friendly and supportive facebook group where we show up to answer your questions, show you what oils we are using, run fun competitions and so much more. If you are a customer of mine please join the facebook group here. We are all about community and we have an amazing group of customers ready to welcome you in to the sisterhood. Customers of mine are also invited to join many free programmes throughout the year, including a 30 day cleanse and restore detox, our Healthy Mums and Happy Kids 7 day online programme, a pain management 7 day programme and our Radiance Reset. 
I love the oils I want to know more about the DOTERRA business.
Great. I’d love to support you to grow your own business. I am passionate about growing a team of heart-led wellness entrepreneurs who want to serve the world. If you would like to know more about doing the doTERRA business you can start by looking through this information and then book a call with me. 
Where can I learn more about doTERRA essential oils?
There are hours of free and educational information available to you on the doTERRA website and you tube channel. You can also pay to become a doTERRA essential oil specialist via this course. This is an in-depth programme which will teach you about the history, chemistry, application methods and much more about doTERRA essential oils. If you are a customer of mine you are also welcome to join oil camp, our two week intensive online educational series on using essential oils. There are great resources too, such as the Essential Life book which you can purchase here. Our customers also have access to a fantastic free app! Please reach out to me if you have a specific question or a need that isn’t easily available via the resources. I am always on hand for my customers via my what’s app group too. 

Yes, but only if you are using therapeutic grade essential oils such as doTERRA. There are very few brands of essential oils that you can internalise because they are not of the quality that they need to be. That said, not all essential oils are suitable for internalising and caution needs to be taken if you are on medication, pregnant or breastfeeding. Even if you choose not to internalise there are still a myriad of benefits you can derive from using the oils aromatically and topically. There are also many benefits for taking essential oils internally. I love to drink a citrus oil in my water for its cleansing benefits, to use peppermint for digestion and on guard is my first  You can get all the information here.