Why diets don't work

Why Diets Don't Work

My words today come straight from the heart 💓
(Also from the bathroom floor — we're staying in a hotel and all sharing one room and I typically get my best ideas at night when the kids are asleep. So me, my laptop, and some dark chocolate have found a dry towel to sit on and type this out whilst the message is clear and my kids are quiet … aka asleep 😴)

Miranda Lewis

I've lived through this, I've done the work to change this. And I still have days when I struggle with this.
Don't base your self-worth on the number on the scales or the size of jeans you fit into.
(Or insert whatever is most true for you. Don't base your self worth on …. the figure on your bank balance, the number of clients you see, Instagram likes, job position, praise from your husband/mum WHATEVER you use outside of yourself to feel worthy).
Failure to thrive in babies is a terminology used when babies have all their physical needs met, but not their emotional ones and as a result 'fail to thrive.'
Could this be you? Is your lack of self-love, of belief in yourself, of using outer circumstances to base your value on yourself causing you to have:
  • Low energy
  • Low self-esteem
  • Zero self-worth
  • No boundaries
  • Lack of joy
  • No playfulness or fun
Are you surviving not thriving?
What's your “I'll be happy when …." statement?
My clients tell me things like:
  • “I'll be happy when I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again.”
  • “I'll be happy when I have more time to focus on myself.”
  • “I'll be happy when I'm earning more money.”
You can't find happiness outside of yourself. Only within yourself.
Now, of course, I'm human too. 
Do I feel 'better about myself when my muffin top isn't too generous? Yes. 
Do I feel better about myself when my skin is clear and glowing? Yes. 
Do I feel better about myself when my clients are sending me notes of gratitude? Of course.
I'm human!
But whilst I enjoy feeling comfortable in my clothes, helping my clients, and being complimented on my skin I do not base my self-worth on these things.

Miranda Lewis
There's an important distinction.

Have you ever seen someone plus size with loads of confidence and radiating out beauty? YES of course you have.
Have you ever seen someone slim with zero confidence? YES of course you have.
And that was me. A skinny size 6 girl. Wrapped in insecurities with no confidence in myself looking to be validated by things outside of myself. I didn't realise that I would never feel confident no matter how flat my stomach was, what size jeans I could fit in, or what credentials I had until I loved myself as I was, no matter my 'imperfections'.
It's not weight itself that's the problem. It's your PERSPECTIVE about it.
It's the false stories and meaning you create around it.

This is why all diets fail. We make them mean something they don't.

This is why all diets make you feel miserable. Because they feel restrictive, rather than expansive.

This is why anyone who goes on a diet ends up putting on MORE weight than they lose. Because they rebel against the 'rules' rather than feeling empowered that it's THEIR choice.

The emphasis is on the WRONG thing.
That's why my Lifestyle Reset Programme is different.
Sure participants might lose weight (if they want to), but the focus is on how being healthy makes them feel.
When you are choosing what you eat from a place of loving 💓 yourself and wanting to feel your best, the choices you make are very different and it's easy to do because there's no force. This is freedom.
The next Lifestyle Reset programme starts on 9th September. If you want to find out more about it and be added to the waitlist you can put your name down here - there will be a bonus for all the early birds 🕊️🦉🦅

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