Cleaning with Essential Oils

Cleaning with Essential Oils 

Cleaning is not the most exciting subject or thing to do (I'm no Monica). 

Cleaning with essential oils

But cleaning with essential oils at least makes the task smell a lot better, plus I love to see how using plants instead of chemicals can get the job done. 

Why Clean with Essential Oils? 
  1. Normal cleaning products are loaded with toxic chemicals that we breathe in and absorb through our skin, they get into our bloodstream and clog up our detoxification organs, and can affect our respiratory system. 
  2. We end up with A LOT of plastic bottles under our sink, which is great marketing but isn't so good for the planet. We don't need to use loads of different products. 
  3. Cleaning with essential oils is just as effective (if not more so) than using the alternatives but it means that we are not breathing in or absorbing loads of toxic chemicals, plus we are reducing our use of plastics by making our own products in re-usable glass spray bottles. 
  4. It smells way better and makes cleaning just a little more fun

Some of my favourite essential oils to clean with are: 

  • Tea tree: natural antibacterial  
  • Lemon: great for de-greasing and stains  
  • Peppermint: freshens the room, great to use in the bathroom 😉
  • Oregano: fantastic for mould  
  • On guard: antibacterial and smells like Christmas!  
Cleaning with essential oils

Want to learn more about cleaning with essential oils? 

Cleaning with essential oils

Join our 7-day Green Cleaning challenge starting on 12th April and learn how to clean with essential oils and other natural products (like bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar) register here.

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