Natural remedies for hay fever

Hay fever SUCKS !!

I started getting hay fever when I was 10 and it’s rubbish! 

Hayfever is an auto-immune response. The body overreacts to the pollen believing that it's something to get out of the body. The body produces histamine which causes symptoms such as itchy eyes and runny nose.   

The body isn't doing anything wrong, it's just misunderstanding that pollen is not harmful. 

I don't use anti-histamines as they make me feel drowsy and foggy, instead I use natural solutions, predominantly in the form of essential oils. 
The most supportive oils for seasonal discomfort are the combination of lemon, lavender, and peppermint. 

Lemon is cleansing and helps the liver to work more effectively to clear the histamine out.
Lavender calms the inflammatory response - particularly useful to use as a diluted rollerball around the eyes 
Peppermint is a cooling oil and can calm irritation. It also opens the airways to help you breathe more easily. 

There are three ways you can use doTERRA essential oils: 
1 Internally (adults only). I love the Triease soft gel supplements which contain the three oils). You can also drink one drop of each of the oils in a small shot glass of water. 
2 Aromatically: via a diffuser or on a drop of each oil on a tissue.  
3 Topical application (it's important to know that all citrus oils are photosensitive so only use topically in places that aren’t going to see the sun ☀️... the soles of the feet are normally a good place!) You can make a rollerball, diluted with carrier oil and 10 drops of each of the oils to use topically on the skin (less for children). The oils enter into the bloodstream and can aid the body in managing the inflammatory response more easily. 

I also recommend that my clients use probiotics. Hay fever is an autoimmune response, which usually stems from an imbalance in the gut microbiome. 

It can also be helpful to experiment with avoiding histamine rich foods the month leading up to your hay fever, you can find a list of histamine rich foods here.

If you're curious to learn more about how to use therapeutic grade essential oils, for hay fever as well as many other ways you can use the power of plants, I'd love to see you in my next online class. 

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