How to make healthy chocolate


Yes such a thing does exist, in fact cocoa is super high in many nutrients, including: antioxidants, magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc, copper and vitamin C!! 

This is great news for chocolate lovers like me! 

The bad news is that most chocolate is not at all healthy. As cocoa is super bitter the food manufacturers add loads of sugar and highly process the cocoa to make it more palatable but degrade any of its health effects!  

If you love chocolate as much as I do, but you also want to feel your best and not consume lots of sugars the easiest option is to learn how to make your own raw chocolates. There are great companies making raw chocolate (like om bar) which is great when you are on the go, but it's expensive and plus it's nice to know exactly what you're eating by making your own. Also it is so simple and fun to make it yourself. 

What you will need : 

  • A big bag of raw cocoa (cocoa is the heat treated version) You can find raw cocoa online (amazon), health food shops or even some big supermarkets.
  • Coconut oil or cocoa butter (cocoa butter will make the chocolates hold a little better but it's also a lot more expensive - I use organic coconut oil)
  • Rice syrup (more about why I recommend rice syrup below - alternatively honey or maple syrup work) 
  • doTERRA essential oils (wild orange or peppermint are my faveourites! More about why I recommend doTERRA below)
  • Optional : nuts, goji berries, coconut flakes or cocoa nibs (the world is your oyster - be as creative as you like!) 
  • A sprinkle of sea salt 
  • You will need a mould to make your chocolates. You can buy silicone moulds or use an ice cube tray.

Why I recommend rice syrup? It contains no fructose, and fructose is actually the part of sugar we need to worry about! Glucose is used by every cell in the body, while fructose is metabolised by the liver and often turned into fat. That doesn't make rice syrup a free pass to use as much as we want - we still need to use up the glucose! 

Why I recommend doTERRA essential oils? They are therapeutic grade, and safe to consume they not only add flavour to food but have a medicinal effect on mind and body. Some examples of oils I like to flavour chocolate with - 
Effect of peppermint : increases alertness, soothes digestion, anti -bacterial, opens airways & freshens breath 
Effect of ginger: beneficial to digestion and indigestion, warming, helpful for low libido! 
Effect of cardamom: digestive support, anti-inflammatory, good for coughs and respiratory ailments 
Effect of wild orange: great for uplifting mood, helps sluggish digestion,calms, aids nervousness 

If you'd like to purchase doTERRA essential oils* or if you have any questions about making your chocolates, I'm happy to help! 

THE Recipe: 

Raw chocolates : 
Makes 15 chocolates 

90g organic virgin cocoa butter or coconut oil 
60g Raw organic cacao powder 
50g Brown rice syrup 
A little sprinkle of sea salt 
6-8 drops doTERRA peppermint, wild orange or ginger oil 
Optional : nuts, goji berries etc. 

1 Melt cocoa butter or coconut oil in a bain mairie 
2 Mix in cocoa powder
3 Add rice syrup, sea salt, drops of doTERRA essential oils and optional extras like nuts 
4 Pour into moulds 
5 Place in the fridge for an hour (or freezer if you're in a hurry) 
6 Pop them out of their moulds and dig in! 
Best kept in the fridge. 

If you make these don't forget to tag me in your social @breatheeatmeditate ! 

*A NOTE ABOUT BUYING doTERRA ONLINE : Don't buy via amazon as the oils may have been tampered with or might not actually be doTERRA oils. Plus when you buy essential oils through an advocate, like me, you receive advice and guidance around using your oils and welcomed into my community of oil users. 

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