About Miranda

Nice to meet you. 
I’m Miranda. 

My journey into wellness began in my early twenties when I started to explore yoga, nutrition, and mindset.
 After living with an eating disorder, low self esteem, and acne, I recognised that if I didn’t choose to take care of myself, then no one else would. 

It was my responsibility, and it’s one of the reasons why I’m passionate about self care, it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity. 

When I take care of myself I know that I am a better human! 

And that’s important, as I now have 2 children who are dependent on me to show them the way.
We live in beautiful rural South Oxfordshire where I hold my wellness days. 

Come and visit! X

I had never done yoga before a few years ago but from the first lesson with Miranda I loved it. She is a great teacher - so encouraging and the classes always go by way too fast. She also taught me the benefits of bringing the many positive elements of yoga to help me in every day life.  In short, yoga with Miranda has been a great addition to my life. Namaste Miranda
Perella, mum, Oxfordshire

Miranda is an inspiring lifestyle and health coach whose has helped me take ownership of my life in the pursuit of becoming the best version of myself. Miranda’s authentic, compassionate, and customized approach differentiates her from others I have worked with. Her concrete and practical advice around healthy nutrition, the use of essential oils, as well as yoga and meditation have motivated me to make positive changes to improve my physical and mental wellbeing. I am utterly grateful for Miranda’s guidance and continued support.

Karin, full-time working professional, London

I was new to yoga so I signed up to Miranda’s starter course and just loved it. Miranda is passionate about what she does and ensures you are doing everything correctly . No two classes are ever the same she listens to what we need and tailors the class to suit. Her love for what she does rubs off and by the end of the class I feel relaxed and invigorated.
Carolyne, professional, Oxfordshire 

"One of the saddest things in life is to get to the end and look back in regret, knowing that you could have been, done and had so much more."
- Robin Sharma