I used to hate cooking. The old English way. Refined carbs, sugar, bad fat – it never made me feel good. Cooking was salad and veggies. Healthy but dull.

And then Britain had a culinary revolution, and none more so than in the field of healthy eating, with strong influences from around the world. And healthy became fun and delicious. It’s so simple and so obvious. But we were never taught it in school.

This new style of eating has mushroomed (thanks to people like deliciously Ella www.deliciouslyella.com and Honestly Healthy www.honestlyhealthyfood.com) and about time too. With child obesity at an all-time high and heart failure the largest killer of men in our country, it has never been more important.

Now I LOVE cooking. The food I cook makes me feel good and I know it’s nourishing my body and giving me energy. But most importantly my kids love it and so does my husband who used to subsist on meat and bread. Me, the non-cook, can prepare food for my family that they love, is healthy, good for the planet and is cheaper than the unhealthy alternative.

In these four week cooking courses we will not be cooking boring “health food” dishes using ingredients you can only buy in specialist food shops. Instead I will teach you  how to combine whole food ingredients to create delicious home cooking. This is not bland faddy food but delicious stomach filling crowd pleasers that can be used from simple kitchen cooking to elaborate dinner parties. It’s a way of introducing healthy food into your home without rocking the boat! I do hope you will join me….

A recent testimonial, “Just wanted to say I am feeling better and will see you on Wednesday. I have been living on the wonderful Alkalising green soup you taught us how to make. It brought me back to health. I have to say your recipes are just fantastic and I am loving the course.” 


K is for Kitchen Watlington

Lunch time cooking class on Wednesday 16th January 12-1.30 – Eating well for 2019, book directly through shop

The next 4 week course, the foundations of a healthy diet, starts ;

Monday 21st January 12.30-2

The next one day 4 pillars of healthy eating cooking class is on ;

Saturday 23rd February 10 -4

These classes are held regularly so if you’re unable to make these dates please contact me and I will let you know when the next dates are released.

Healthy Chocolate Class

A one off fun and delicious class. Monday 18th February 3-4.30

Outline of what is covered in the 4 week foundations of a healthy diet course;

Week One


Did you know that at least 50% of your plate should be a rainbow of veggies? No matter which dietary theory you follow, everyone is agreeing: eat more veg! In this class you will learn how to make veggies taste delicious, easy ways eat beyond your 5 a day, a vinaigrette that will make you crave lettuce and how to make a green smoothie.

Week Two


Not sure what complex carbohydrates are, and whether you should be eating them? We will cook a variety of different grains including quinoa, oats and brown rice (the most delicious brown rice mushroom risotto coming your way!). What’s all the hype about gluten free and should you follow the fad? We will discuss the benefits of a gluten free diet and also pitfalls not to fall into.

Week Three


Would you like to consume less meat but you’re worried about where to get your protein from? We will discuss and cook a variety of different pulses, including an amazing one pot lentil curry. I will show you how to make the most delicious tofu dish and you will learn some surprising places that protein can be found!

Week Four


We KNOW sugar is bad for us (it really is) but we LOVE the taste (oh yes, it’s highly addictive!!) Learn how to make some ridiculously tasty treats so that you need never feel deprived. Including chocolate brownies, raw chocolate and banana ice cream.