I am a health and fitness enthusiast. Why? Because it helps me to feel my best, which is what I want for you too. I have been on a journey to better health for over a decade, having suffered from restrictive eating as a teenager and into my early twenties. Now food is never about restriction or deprivation and exercise is never about punishment or burning off last night’s over indulgence. I want to eat and move in a way that makes me feel vibrant, energized and happy.


I am a mother of two gorgeous but busy girls and this gives me a very real perspective of how tricky it can be to make time for yourself. Working with me you will never feel you are failing – I know how demanding life is and I don’t believe in being perfect! It’s about progress, not perfection.


Brought up a London girl, I moved to Oxfordshire in 2016 and now commute to London one day a week and see clients in their homes. I also travel around Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire to see clients, or see clients in my home studio. I am also available for face time yoga classes and telephone health coaching sessions. I look forward to helping you feel your best!


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Miranda is a wonderful, attentive and patient teacher. She pushes you without realising it and I have never felt so relaxed if I could I would see her everyday!


I have recently discovered yoga, and find it such a treat. Every class is different and I look forward to each one!

Yoga, Health Coaching, Cooking Classes